North American Pet Products® is an established manufacturer of quality pet products. Our mission is to offer environmentally responsible products that improve the lives of pets through ingenuity and value.

Our high quality pet products are made from natural, reclaimed, renewable materials under the best selling consumer brands: Classy Kitty, Claw Tuff, Bobcat, & Bird Brainers. Commercial brands include, North American Products, & Barney’s Pet. Our combined products and private label manufacturing are seen at over 25,000 retail stores throughout North America. North American Pet Products operates facilities located in California (3), New Jersey(1), Utah(1), and Mexico (1).

Consumer brands include:

  • Classy Kitty-Worlds best selling cat furniture
  • ClawTuff-Cat toys and scratchers
  • BobCat-Hi quality, multi use cat furniture
  • Bird Brainers- Engaging toys for improved bird health
  • Cat Care- Quality regionalized cat furniture
  • SeaClear- High quality aqaurium systems
  • RockGarden- Decorative accessories for aquariums

Commercial brands include:

  • North American Products - Formerly Casco-Group, manufactures metal, acrylic, wood, and glass fixtures.
  • Barney’s Pet- Distributor of world’s finest quality companion animals